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Friday, August 17, 2007


Joe Barilla

Cramer missed his calling for the Muppets...

A lot of tape painting going on here...ie HPQ....lot of 100 share trades

As the highway sign reads....



Scott - we had a 600 point rally in just one hour of trading, 3:10 yesterday to 9:40 today. almost 5%. more than 5% on nasdaq and S&P. so while the market may well break later today, what more could we expect? especially in light of the fact that the rate cut probably would not solve anything.


I bought CFC Sept 15 puts.

I think they go under next week.
Good news is barely holding them up.

Typical style. Halt at $10 opens at $1
Gets delisted from NYSE.

We had a failed rally today! Cramer said biggest point gain ever for the DOW 30. That's not even close to true.

Mike Fatah

I thinking about taking today's profits and walking away for the day. This week's been harsh.

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